stand alone version

The stand alone version of Harmoonia offers to the players the chance to play wherever they prefer, and to discover the world of Harmoonia in single player game sessions, without time or space restrictions.

How to play

To play Harmoonia is simple:

  1. Download the live event through the link in this page.
  2. Open the app and choose one of the 5 Guardians.
  3. Solve the riddle given by Iseda, the Harmoonia Guidance Spirit, and guess to which Agenda 2030 objective refers to.
  4. Perform the missions, following the instructions Iseda will give you.
  5. Save all the Guardians and become a Hero of Harmoonia!


Here's a list of the game missions:

1. 3… 2… 1… Actions!: players can express their opinion about a given topic by shooting a short video.
2. What do you think: players can express their opinion about a given topic through a short text.
3. How much do you know?: through a quiz, players can test their knowledge of the Agenda 2030.
4. Crystals hunt: in this fast-moving AR challenge players have to catch all the Harmoonia crystals in the space around them, exploring the surroundings with their smartphones. By carrying out all the Crystals hunt missions players will restore the Harmoonia magic Key, and will gain access to excluvies digital contents.
5. Guardian's Challenge: the player will have to find, in a word scheme, the keywords referred to P of the path they are playing in. Each word is an Harmoonia spell, and all of them will be collected in a specific page of the Guardian's book.

Where can I find the app

Harmoonia: Save the Guardians is a free app, available both for Android and iOS devices.