Harmoonia is a gamified system designed to increase players' awareness about the Agenda2030 objectives and to promote the adoption of pro-environmental behaviours.

Harmoonia is the result of the collaboration among the Link Campus university research centers, DASIC and Innovation4Earth, and Earth Day Italia, the italian and european headquarter of Earth Day Network in Washington that, since 2007, coordinates and promotes the "Villaggio per la Terra" event.

The mobile app Harmoonia: Save the Guardians has two variations:

  • Stand alone: the app can be used wherever the player prefers, and to discover the world of Harmoonia in single player game sessions, without time or space restrictions.
  • Events: this version of the app is designed to be played during specific events and is based on live interactions which aim to foster the players' interaction with the surrounding event spaces and to encourage dialogue with the event staff and other participants.

Key features

  • The Agenda2030 objectives and values are integrated in an original storyline, conceived to foster the player's emotional engagement.
  • The live game mode encourages the event spaceexploration and interactons among participants.
  • The easy-to-use interface and the essential graphic style, designed for mobile devices, make the app perfect for indoor as well as for outdoor activities.
  • Harmoonia represents aninnovation both with respect to the panorama of apps generally used for live events and to the technological solutions it includes (such as augmented reality).


Harmoonia: Save the Guardians aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • strengthen the knowledge about the 5P of sustainability (Prosperity, Peace, People, Planet, Partnership), highlighting their importance for the Earth's wellbeing;
  • introduce players to the world of Harmoonia and to its characters;
  • increase users' awareness that their own actions, driven by knowledge and reinforced by the cooperation with other people, can produce change in the world.