Discover Harmoonia

Harmoonia's world

Harmoonia is a magical world, that exists together with our, that is, by now, invisible to our eyes. Only so long as the link between Mankind and Nature was firm, in fact, we were aware of the existence of Harmoonia and we were able to dialogue with its inhabitants. When greed and individualism began to guide our actions, however, the magic that made Harmoonia visible weakened, until it disappeared from our reality and our memory.

Harmoonia is governed by Five Guardians, ancient and magical creatures whose mission is to watch over the balance between Mankind and Nature and protect the peaceful existence of all living beings. Each of the Five Guardians defends one of the values that, together, promote the wellness of Harmoonia and our World.

Mir defends Peace, Hito protects People, Graha takes care of the Planet, Te Pai nourish Prosperity and Haymay supports the Partnership.

Each Guardian lives on a different Tun: a floating island, connected to the others by a long bridge called Gada. This bridge allows the Guardians to keep in touch with each other and the energy to flow between the Tuns.

The Guardians carried out their task even after Mankind had forgotten their existence, but the weakening of the bond between Harmoonia and the Earth, caused by the increasingly unwise behavior of Humanity, has worn down their energy.

Now without strength, the Five could do nothing but seek refuge in the most remote places of their Tuns, and indulge in sleep without awakening.

Willing to do anything to save the Guardians, Iseda, a young Guidance Spirithas decided to attempt an undertaking that everyone considers impossible: to renew the ancient bond that existed between human beings an Harmoonia. Always underestimated and marginalized for his eccentric behavior, Iseda, against all expectations, has managed to break through Harmoonia and the Earth. Now, however, he has to face the most difficult part of his business: finding the help he needs.

The game main characters are:

  1. The player: is the main character and plays as her/himself. In the game world she/he has magic powers that will unleash little by little, by completing all the missions.
  2. The Guidance Spirit: represents the mentor. He possesses the player smortphone in order to guide her/him throug the missions. It's name is Iseda.
  3. The Five Guardians: together they rule Harmoonia and, each of them, protects one of the values that are essential for both Harmoonia and our World's wellness (Prosperity, Peace, People, Planet, Partnership). The player must save them from the sleep without awakening they fell into, in order to restore their gudance on Harmoonia's 5Ps.